about_550x430AFRI-DEVO (Pty) Ltd is a fully black owned company trading in construction and property development. The company was born and registered in South Africa in 2004 [Reg. 2004/009956] and has since been based in Kimberley, Northern Cape.

We are a company that is driven by an inborn passion for the work we do and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality management, cost management and delivery time management. We are equally driven by the imperative need to produce high corporate governance standards, sound business ethnics and productive social investment programmes that reflect our true image as a company that wants to be counted amongst the very best in the industry.

We are about people first. We strongly believe that it is through investing our time, effort and resources on our staff, clients and local communities that our company will be elevated to the position of leadership. We believe that our work grants us a perfect opportunity to integrate people from diverse economic and racial backgrounds, wherein, we are also successful in reaching out to previously disadvantaged groupings such as women and the youth.

We build solid homes. This is what we do. Not only for people, organizations and businesses, but for ideologies too because we believe that everything begins with a dream. As such, we are a company that encourages and inspires dreams. We always stand ready to support those with the right discipline and tenacity to chase after their dreams, especially dreams that seek to emancipate our people, our country and the African continent from the prevailing shackles of under-development, hence our pay-off line: “ENHANCING AFRICA’S DEVELOPMENT”.

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