Where do we go from here

Perhaps this is the question that all concerned and patriotic South Africans have recently been pondering - Where do we go from here ? It is becoming extremely difficult for ordinary South African folks to put milk and bread on the table; and to pay on-going monthly expenses such as rates & taxes, water &…
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The Palms – Our New Residential Village

On the 21st of August 2014, we had the official launch for "The Palms." The launch was held at The Horseshoe Pub in Kimberley. The new development is a breath of fresh air for property here in the Northern Cape. The development has many a feature that most apartment type enclosures do not have, making…
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DAVID AND GOLIATH OF CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY We have recently upgraded and re-launched our website to be compatible and responsive to mobile devices. We live in the era of information age and likewise business is characterized by the digital revolution. Through digital era we acquire knowledge and the know how of various industries and most importantly…
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