Business Units


We began as property developers and expanded into construction whereby the focus was on building and later ventured into civil works. The company is persistently diversifying into related sectors and have established the energy unit as well as brick manufacturing.

Our focus is determined by on-going market analysis as well as global trends in the emerging and developed economies. We continuously conduct in-depth research on sectors that we can apply our past experience and are somehow similar to our current business model; thus enabling smooth diversification.

It is our believe that with perseverance and discipline Afri Devo will ultimately become a holding company with vast business interest, not only in construction but also in other related and lucrative sectors.




  • Construction

    As one of the few fully black owned Northern Cape companies in our industry with a CIDB registration (Construction Industry Development Board), and also registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC), construction forms our flagship service. Our investment in this...

  • Civil Engineering

    The unit was successfully launched in 2010 and thereby meeting our long-term corporate strategy. In terms of our plan, the objective is to position the unit as a fully fledged development and maintenance division actively involved in roads and bridges; airports civil...

  • Property Development

    This unit offers broad-based service stretching from design to development to handover and/or leasing for customers looking into investing in property assets, be they commercial, industrial, retail or residential. The structure of the unit allows us to deliver on the ever changing...

  • Energy

    The need for energy is imminent and the contribution thereof to economic growth in first and third world countries is significant. We have established Afri Devo Energy to become an active Independent Power Producer (IPP) particularly in our country where there is...

  • Brick Manufacturing

    Since the establishment of Afri Devo we have been investigating the feasibility of establishing brick manufacturing plant in Kimberley. We are about building homes and in providing monetary value for our public, residential and commercial clients. It is in this regard that...

  • Plant Hire

    Overview Civil construction mainly requires heavy earthmoving equipment for efficient delivery of earthworks. It is with this in mind that we have decided to gradually diversify into plant hire and establish a unit thereof. The existing equipment is from time to time...