Standard Bank (Kimberley, Upington)

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Brief Facts

  • Project type: Shop fittings
  • Project value: R6 531 135.80
  • Duration: a total of 7 months
  • Status: Completed


Project Overview:

This was yet again a first of its kind for Afri-Devo as the company had not done shop fittings at this level before. The work involved partitioning, suspended ceilings, floor coverings, tiling, wall paper and forming curved bulk cades. For the main branch in Kimberley, fittings were done on three floors to the strict Standard Bank brand requirements and timelines as the branch was due for opening.


Project Achievements

The project was delivered on time and to expected quality such that we were awarded the same kind of work at the Upington branch, which this time around was a live conversion with the bank fully operational as we worked. This branch was also completed satisfactorily in terms of delivery time and the quality of work.




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