Where do we go from here


Perhaps this is the question that all concerned and patriotic South Africans have recently been pondering - Where do we go from here ? It is becoming extremely difficult for ordinary South African folks to put milk and bread on the table; and to pay on-going monthly expenses such as rates & taxes, water & electricity , DSTV and most importantly the education of our children.

I presume that the middle class are the most affected in times of slow economic growth   and tend to be highly volatile in times of uncertainty. During the Nenegate, the rand took a dip and they had to replace "within two-three days" the unknown finance minister with Pravin Gordhan in order to bring stability in the economy that lost billions on rand in few hours. In all this confusion and the huge loss of money in the economy, South African were not shot of jokes and laughter, they termed the replaced minister weekend special. Our country is indeed full of possibilities- you can hold ministry job for 3 days.

It is disturbing that amidst the President appointing Mr. Gordhan to rectify the situation, the Hawks have been perpetually disturbing him to the detriment of the country. Unfortunately this political backstabbing is affecting all South Africans especially those that live in abject poverty.

It has been extremely difficult for Afri-Devo to operate in this unstable political times with low economic growth. We have tried to keep the price of The Palms residential development unchanged in consideration of this trying times. It is the best that we can do for our clients i.e. to deliver reasonably priced and quality apartments.

It brings so much joy to receive news that the mortgage bonds of our clients are approved. We will do our utmost to ensure that our apartments remain affordable and that The Palms development become the best in the province.

To all South African's who are disillusioned - God is with Us.

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