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About Afri-Devo


Afri Devo was established in 2004, with its main focus being on property development. To date, the company has built 165 homes for middle income earners. We recently diversified into commercial property and have developed a shopping centre. Additionally, we are currently working on a pipeline, particularly in rural parts of the country.

Our innate passion as a company is to provide quality homes for our clients and commercial environments within close proximity of these homes where they can work and have a pleasant shopping experience. The Afri Devo model is to develop the land and utilize its construction wing for procurement of material and construction management. The construction aspect assists in curbing the escalating construction cost and lowering the capex in our projects.

Given the abundant solar resources in areas where the developments are taking place and the need to preserve the environment, the company has decided to incorporate green architectural, electrical and civil design as well as solar PV panels in its development. We intend to add an Energy Storage System (ESS) in the near future, given the growing concern about load-shedding in the country.

Founder Andrew Kesiamang

“In everything that human beings do, space and security is of paramount importance; having a secure space to live, worship, work and play.      

Property development plays a fundamental role in addressing our needs, whether it could be to shop, display our lifestyles, entertain, and create goods or employment. 

Property development is about more than just the land and buildings; it is about creating pleasant and secure environments that enhance the lives of the human race.”

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